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A flip-open 1990s black mobile phone whith aerial.

The beginning

Founded in 1993 when computers and phones were large and the worldwide web was all but unheard of, we at ascender media still keep to our core aim - to provide quality design to our clients at affordable prices.


With this in mind, we use the latest technology coupled with good old fashioned customer service to provide design solutions which fulfil or exceed our clients expectations. Whether it’s for print, web, exhibitions or packaging, we listen to our customers requirements, research the market and deliver effective designs.

A photograph of an Apple iMac magic mouse and keyboard on a white background.
A photograph showing the silhouette of a hart standing in a field at dawn.

A great location

We have always been based in beautiful, leafy Hertfordshire, just 20 miles north of Central London, but we service clients throughout the UK. By using effective communication technologies we are able to keep in contact with clients quickly and easily while keeping cost down to a minimum.

The service

This combination of good service and realistic pricing has meant that we have built up a loyal client base who come back to us time after time. We hope to continue this success in the future by working with new businesses and organisations in both the private and public sector. Success for our customers means success for us.


We are driven by our love for creating transformative, brilliant and compelling work that’s hard to ignore. We work hard to help our clients grow.



the ascender media logo in black on a white metal sign hanging on a black brick wall.

What's in a name?

There are two sides to the work which we carry out every day at ascender media. We deal with the images such as symbols, photographs and illustrations which project in a purely visual way, and we deal with the type which conveys meaning through words and punctuation.


We wanted to include both of these aspects of our work into our company name and logo so we chose one which has strong typographic references (by naming part of a character which perhaps many people were not aware of) and also to visually demonstrate this with a simple graphic device.

Illustration highlighting the part on a text character which is called the 'ascender'.

In typography, an ‘ascender’ is the portion of a letter of the alphabet which extends above the x height of a font, or to put it another way, it’s the bit of a letter which sticks up. By setting the word ‘ascender’ in lower case letters only the letter ‘d’ contained an ascender and so we simply circled this to highlight it’s use.


It is this link to typography along with it’s other meanings relating to climbing and reaching new heights which inspired the company’s name and logo design. It is this clear and uncomplicated thinking which we apply to our design projects which help make them so effective and appreciated by their target audience.

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